Where it all begins

Every story has its beginning. Ours starts in the quarry. But it is actually necessary to go way back. The history of the origin of natural stone is extremely interesting, and it is nearly incomprehensible for human’s ability to conceive time. Countless elements were mixed and shaped by nature, until after millions of years, they were transformed by the effects of heat and pressure into something new. The stone is now at the surface again, and it gives us the opportunity to create something extraordinary.

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Care and time until the product is finished

Value-added depth within our company could not be greater. Depending on the specific product, the entire natural stone value-added chain can be perceived at our facilities. We consciously maintain our very close relationship with Nature, which has created the product for us. The journey from the quarry to the final product is a long one and requires a lot of care and feeling for the material. The result: a unique piece of Nature perfected by man.

A 360° view

In the meantime, our company continues to grow. We run our own quarries in Zimbabwe, Spain, and the USA, and have exclusive business agreements with many quarries worldwide. It is possible to trace the entire production process within the company, from the quarry through the raw block and the slab to the finished final product. This 360°service is one of our factors for success which offers our customers a guarantee of reliability and durability. That makes us a trustworthy contact for private customers, for stonemasons, for architects, for designers, all the way to project engineers of large commercial and residential buildings and skyscrapers.



Every day, raw blocks from all over the world are brought to us to Italy. The block storage facilities of Rivoli Veronese and Massa Carrara are located at the core of the world's most important trading centre for natural stone. An almost limitless variety of natural stone of unique quality, which reaches its destination via well thought-out logistics, is stored there.

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Hundreds of slabs, of various sizes, thicknesses and finishes, are produced every day. Our plants and showrooms of over 10,000 m2, contain more than 800 exclusive natural stone types from all over the world, ready for delivery.

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Cut to size

Our CNC-controlled production and excellent craftsmanship meet the highest technical and aesthetic demands of architecture and design, tradition and modernity.

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Nikolaus Bagnara AG

Letting tradition grow. Everything began way back in 1948. Nicola Bagnara founded a small stonemason company in Appiano in Northern Italy. A great deal of diligence, hard work, and great passion for natural stone have allowed us to grow over the course of three generations into one of the most successful international natural stone companies in the world. In addition to a number of locations in Northern Italy (around Verona) we distinguish ourselves through an efficient, international purchasing and sales network which is active in, among other places, Australia, Scandinavia, South Korea, the USA, Africa, and Brazil. In spite of our constant growth, our traditional company has continued to remain a family operation that is socially committed.

Reliable quality management, strict controls in all production stages, as well as ongoing development, accompanied by continued investments make us stand out as a company.

Bruno Bagnara and his sons Philipp and Niko, who now manage the business, place great importance on highest-level strategic management and a specific sensitivity to the smallest changes in demand and supply on the natural stone market.

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