Mystic Grey

Mystic Grey - Granite

The anthracite-colored Mystic Grey granite is quarried in Minas Gerais in Brazil from giant boulders, i.e. from very large rocks of several thousand tons of weight. Extraction is carried out carefully by using the most modern machines such as large excavators and rope saws. Due to the abundant deposits and the high quality of the blocks, which are large and rectangular, Mystic Grey is ideal for large-scale projects. The annual production is approx. 1,000-1,800 m3, which can be flexibly increased if necessary. Due to its variable structure, selection and quality control in the quarry is of primary importance. Already during extraction, close attention must be paid to the consistency of each block due to the variable cutting direction.

Mystic Grey is a very versatile natural stone suitable for almost any project. From monuments, to floors and kitchen countertops, this material is very popular due to its outstanding properties, both indoors and outdoors.

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