Blocks that travel the world

The raw material from which the slabs of different thicknesses are cut often have to travel long paths before arriving at our factories. But before the blocks begin their lengthy journeys, they have already been inspected onsite by our qualified employees. Only the best quality is selected. Starting out from our blocks yards in Rivoli Veronese and Carrara or also directly from the quarries, natural stone goes out to its destinations on all continents, all over the world. The most modern of facilities, exclusive materials, and carefully arranged logistics turn the locations into a nerve center for the national and international trade in stone blocks.

Experienced Team

To offer a high-quality product, a large number of smoothly interacting processes is required. From material-friendly quarrying, through well thought-out logistics, to adequate storage, both man and machine play an important role.

High quality raw materials

Skilful quarrying

  • Modern technology 
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Treatment of Nature with the utmost respect

Thought-out logistics

  • Efficient transport routes
  • International network
  • Block transport via ship, train and truck

Structured storage

  • Transhipment point for large quantities
  • "Just in Time" for our customers

Diverse origin

  • Diversity of materials of international origin
  • Various sizes and shapes
  • On-site control and selection of blocks

Consultancy and contact

Site in Rivoli Veronese

Block storage facilities

Italy-37010 Rivoli Veronese (VR)
Via dell'Ecologia, 1

T +39 045 626 90 94

Site in Massa Carrara

Block storage facilities

Italy-54100 Massa Carrara (MS)
Via Massa Avenza, 249

T +39 0585 5 48 45

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