Being grateful

Every day we realize what a gift it is what nature presents to us in its uniqueness. Every piece of natural stone is something unique, created by nature over the course of millions of years. This material inspires us again and again to something newer, something bigger. We love natural stone!

Loving variety

With its varying colors and surface shapes, natural stone touches all of our senses. Each has its own special effect upon us. Our product line of more than eight hundred natural stones makes it possible for us to select the right material for every area of application – be it as a result of its technical properties or because of a sense of personal style. In so doing, we treasure the richness and the fullness of nature, which seems to be practically limitless.

Passing on experience

The frantic speed of life these days actually teaches us to value what is simple and durable. As a result of our passion for natural stone, we want to be ambassadors for what is natural and trailblazing. For us, stone is a symbol of sustainability, and it satisfies our need for individuality. For three generations now, we have been sharing our experiences with this natural product in every project, and we are pleased when the knowledge that we have conveyed bears fruit.

We love natural stone
True Stones

Discovery of Materials

To respond to the latest trends in the best possible way, we are constantly looking for new materials. This causes our select product range to grow constantly, currently covering more than 900 different types of natural stone from all continents. Exclusive agreements, quarries of our own and close worldwide partnerships guarantee constant availability and proven quality.


Development of Technologies

The importance of a sophisticated technology can already be seen in a quarry. Modern quarrying methods guarantee careful handling of Nature and the efficient use of resources. When producing slabs, we also place great importance on state-of-the-art facilities and well thought-out logistics, which turn us into a hub of national and international trade.


Testing of Finishes

Different surface finishes considerably expand the color range and surface quality of each material. Whether polished, satin or flamed, each type of finish emphasizes a different beautiful property of the natural stone. That is why we are constantly looking out for innovative finishes and test the best combination between material, finish and field of application.


Ongoing Employee Training

Our employees are our most valuable asset. Thus, we offer them the opportunity to further educate themselves in an international environment, offering them the possibility of further personal and professional development. Our highly specialized and experienced staff is available to our customers, with services ranging from individual customer advice to digital CAD elaboration of a large-scale project.


Our specialized personnel, which is spread around the globe, happily responds to your specific requirements.



Italy has always been a leader in stone processing. We see it as our task to preserve and develop this legacy. Extending from the corporate headquarters in Northern Italy, a well-connected network of purchase and sales offices, distribution facilities and quarries extends all over the world.



Our warehouses are located in the most important locations and trading centers. From there natural stone blocks, slabs and cut to size from all continents go over optimized transport routes to their destinations all around the world.


Own quarries

The quarrying in own quarries in Europe, Africa, North America, as well as exclusive agreements for a wide range of materials, enable a competitive and long-term guaranteed distribution of the products in the worldwide sales market.


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