Letting tradition grow

Everything began way back in 1948. Nicola Bagnara founded a small stonemason company in Appiano in Northern Italy. A great deal of diligence, hard work, and great passion for natural stone have allowed us to grow over the course of three generations into one of the most successful international natural stone companies in the world. In addition to a number of locations in Northern Italy (around Verona) we distinguish ourselves through an efficient, international purchasing and sales network which is active in, among other places, Australia, Scandinavia, Korea, the USA, Africa, and Brazil. In spite of our constant growth, our traditional company has continued to remain a family operation that is socially committed.


Founding by Nicola Bagnara in Appiano, Italy.


Opening of the first corporate quarry of porphyry 
in Alto Adige. Supply of the construction of supporting 
walls for the motorway Brennero.


Opening of the factory in Appiano.


Management of the company handed over 
to the founder’s son, Bruno Bagnara.


Opening of the factory and warehouse in Volargne.


Opening of the blocks yard in Rivoli Veronese.


Opening of the blocks yard in Massa Carrara.


Construction of the factory in Cavaion Veronese
and increased international activity.


Expansion of the blocks yard in Rivoli Veronese.


Renovation and expansion 
of the headquarters in Appiano.


Management of the company handed over
to Bruno’s two sons: Philipp and Niko Bagnara.

Tradition is preserving the fire and not worshiping the ashes
Gustav Mahler 1860 - 1911

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Liberation Day

Our company will be closing from 25th to 28th of April 2024. We will be at your disposal again on April 29.