Azul Aran®

Azul Aran® - Granite

The blue-grey feldspar of the Spanish Azul Aran® granite gives the rock a structure which is unique in the world. The quarry is located in the north-eastern Spanish Pyrenees, in the Val d'Aran valley, after which the stone is named. Quarrying is particularly careful and efficient, with wire saws and with very little use of explosives. Thus there is no unnecessary burden to the surrounding natural environment and less material is wasted. The narrow pegmatite vein, which makes up the material, runs vertically to the mountain. Therefore, the quarrying on the steep terrain is very difficult.

Due to the geological orientation of the quarry, annual volume taken out is limited. This makes the material particularly exclusive. Only a small fraction of the deposit can be used for the production of slabs. The rest of the quarried material is suitable for road construction and civil engineering, as well as for the constructions of check dams. The block production is oriented towards large and completely square blocks of the highest quality. The annual extraction volume of blocks is 600-800 m3. Large blocks are ideal for the production of kitchen countertops and special objects, smaller blocks on the other hand are ideal for floors and other interior design projects

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