Silver Cloud

Silver Cloud - Granite

Silver Cloud is a world-renowned hard rock. As its name suggests, color and structure of the material resemble a silver cloud: a constant light base tone with silvery, strongly ramified veins. Silver Cloud is quarried near Atlanta, in the state of Georgia (USA). The paragneis massif where it is quarried, stretches throughout Atlanta. The famous natural attraction "Stone Mountain" is also made of the same granite. The quarry consists of a solid massif and is logistically very well situated. Extraction is done with the most modern machines and almost without explosives. This has two advantages: there is no noise disturbing humans and animals and, at the same time, the material is extracted with care.

To react flexibly to material requests, the quarry has a large block storage facilities and qualified employees who classify the material for the most diverse applications directly on site. The quarry is specialised in block production for the local market as well as for export. In addition to the blocks, products for landscaping are also available. The annual production is about 1,500-2,000 m3. It can be increased, depending on demand. This granite has a very wide range of applications and is particularly suitable for large-scale applications such as facades and floors, due to its constant base tone. Because of its good technical properties, Silver Cloud is also ideal for kitchen countertops and can be used both indoors and outdoors without any kind of problem.

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