Atlantic Stone

Atlantic Stone - Rhyolite

Atlantic Stone is a hard and compact volcanic rock, quarried in southern China. Perfectly rectangular medium-sized blocks are cut from the mountain using diamond wires and discs. The relatively recent quarry has a continuous annual output of approximately 5,000 m³ of block material, inspected by our employees directly on site. Due to the location of the quarry, logistics is often a major challenge. Not only the material itself, but each individual block has its very special aesthetics.

The greyish-blue base tone can turn out lighter or darker and the structure varies from fine to larger veins. Thus, each slab has its own character, like a piece of artwork made by Nature. Due to its hardness, the further processing of the material requires a great deal of experience and a sophisticated technology. To guarantee high-quality results, the blocks are shipped to Italy, to be processed into slabs and finished products, as required, with the expertise and experience of our craftsmen. Due to Its very good technical properties, the material can be used both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to its acid resistance, Atlantic Stone can form also a kitchen countertop.

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