Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes - Granite

Blue eyes have always been associated with special beauty. This is also the case with this natural stone, which is quarried in Labrador (Canada) under extremely difficult climatic conditions. Due to the long and very cold winters, it can be extracted only a few months a year, as the cold puts, not only the people, but also the machines to the test. Because of the numerous cracks in the mountain, quarrying is even more difficult. The deposit on the isolated island, on which the quarry is located, is very small and, therefore, the material is very exclusive. Block shipment is very complicated due to the adverse conditions. This is one further reason to emphasise the importance of a large warehouse in Italy, which can guarantee constant availability of the granite.

Blue Eyes is a labradorite with a grey-brown base tone and evenly distributed blue reflections, which, in interplay with light, show their particular splendour. Blocks vary slightly in color and texture. Blue Eyes granite is mainly used for upscale interior design but can also be used outdoors.

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