Nero Assoluto Zimbabwe

Nero Assoluto Zimbabwe - Granite

Black as the darkest night, the Nero Assoluto Zimbabwe granite gives every building a special elegance. This natural stone is quarried in Zimbabwe, in southern Africa. Our three extraction sites are located north of Mutoko. All three are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery such as large excavators, wheel loaders and wire saws. Blocks are cut either from solid massif or from gigantic boulders weighing several thousand tons. The annual production of the quarry is between 3,000 and 5,000 m3. This large production volume and constant availability allow using the material for extensive large-scale projects.

The quarried blocks, with their size and regular shape, comply with the highest quality standards. The quarry provides material of various grain sizes: from fine-grained, dark to medium-grained, minimally lighter stone with fine shading. Quality control and classification according to color and structure take place directly in the quarry. The appropriate quality and price category for every project idea can be found, making the material appropriate for a particularly wide range of applications. To strengthen the social environment, we support local projects such as the construction of a hospital and various drinking water fountains.

Important information

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