Pannonia Grün

Pannonia Grün - Chlorite Schist

This green chlorite schist from Burgenland in Austria has been quarried in the "Geschriebenstein" massif since the 1960s. Extraction is carried out using modern wire saws as well as drilling and blasting. Due to the relatively favourable climate conditions, the winter break lasts only a few weeks. This is also reflected in the large annual production volume: approximately 90,000 m³ of material are extracted every year, of which approximately 1,000-1,200 m³ are block material. The size of the blocks ranges from medium to large.

Pannonia's white, light and dark-green veins develop a different structure depending on the cutting direction. Applying the vein cut, a flowing longitudinal structure appears, while applying the cross cut, the chlorite schist appears slightly clouded. Due to its outstanding technical properties (including acid, frost and salt resistance), Pannonia Grün is suitable for all indoor and outdoor applications and is rustic and modern at the same time.

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