Brown Silk & Moonrock

Brown Silk & Moonrock - Quartzite

The quarry of the Brown Silk quartzite is located in Minas Gerais in Brazil. The deposit of this specially layered natural stone with pockets of various minerals is a world-unique formation. Depending on the sawing direction, the material can have two completely different appearances. Applying the vein cut, the flowing, linear structure of the material comes to show. This visual effect also gives the quartzite its name, Brown Silk. Using the cross cut, the stone unfolds its distinctive natural aspect, in which the roundish rock pockets are particularly prominent. In this cutting direction, the material is called Moonrock, since this structure very much resembles the moon’s surface.

Because of these very different appearances, caused by the different cutting directions, the quality and orientation of the material's vein must be considered when quarrying. Consistency and professionalism during the entire quarrying process is therefore crucial. With the help of state-of-the-art machinery, approximately 2,000 m3 are extracted annually. Most quarried blocks are large and rectangular. A great advantage of Brown Silk and Moonrock is their constant base tone, which hardly changes from block to block. This unique quartzite is suitable for many applications indoors and in a limited way, also outdoors.

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