Brown Silk

Brown Silk

Linear and Unique

Brown Silk is a Brazilian quartzite with a uniform brownish tone and a distinctive longitudinal structure. It has been created from pockets of various minerals over the course of millions of years under enormous pressure and heat, by flattening stones and pressing them longitudinally. This optical effect is often reminiscent of the texture of shiny brown silk, giving the quartzite its name. The structure and petrographic composition of the material is unique in the world, and causes wonder in every petrographer and geologist. The character of the quartzite is linear, elegant, flowing, warm and often reminiscent of wood.

Due to its very constant fundamental tone and the small color change from block to block, the material is particularly suitable for large-area applications, such as wall cladding or floors. Brown Silk fits into both a modern and an elegant atmosphere. Compared to vein cut Brown Silk, the appearance of the rock differs greatly when cross cut. The elongated pockets turn to gentle, rounded hues. This cutting direction is called Moonrock.

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