Farris Bad SPA

Larvik, Norway

The natural stone that was used for the construction of the Farris Bad SPA in Larvik, in the southeast of Norway, could not be more local. The used materials Lundhs Blue, Lundhs Royal, Lundhs Emerald and Lundhs Antique were quarried in the very same region. With lots of Italian know-how the blocks were processed into the final product in our factories and afterwards installed back in Norway. The perfect collaboration with our partner Lundhs made a smooth operation of this big and beautiful project possible. The shimmering labradorite lends a particularly natural atmosphere to the wellness hotel, which was built in 2009. The hotel, which was literally constructed on the beach, was designed in a Scandinavian style with simple elegance and clear lines. Thanks to the modern surface treatments such as satin, sandwaterjet, and flamed and brushed, the classic materials fit perfectly the contemporary zeitgeist of the house. The natural stones were used in the entire hotel in a variety of areas: from the façade to the spa-area and the lobby through to the bar and the restaurant. This is only possible because of the outstanding technical properties of the materials, which are frost-, heat- and even acid-resistant, show a high degree of hardness and do not absorb much moisture.

Important update

Our company will be closed for August holidays from 10th to 14th of August 2020 and we will be at your disposal again on Monday 17 August.