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    Granite is a hard rock of volcanic origin and belongs to the group of plutonic rocks, which originate of solidified magma deep in the Earth's crust. As opposed to this, basalt forms from the rapid cooling of lava exposed at or very near to the surface of the Earth. Thus it appertains to the group of extrusive rocks. Granite is mostly composed of feldspar and quartz, which give it a high range of hardness. It is very resistant to high wear, with superior abrasion resistance and compressive strength. The hard rock is available in a wide range of colors and is in most cases an excellent material for internal and external building use.
  • technical information*
    type of rock Granite
    origin Angola
    color Black
    characteristics Shimmering, Uniform
    acid resistance yes
    application field interiors and exteriors
    compressive strength (MPa) 101
    density (kg/mc) 2925
    flexural strength (MPa) 10,3
    frost resistance yes
    water absorption (%) 0,15
*The above data is indicative and without guarantee. Detailed test results on request.
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