Architecture and water, stone towers.

September 20 2018

Entrance tower to Ade. 

The tower on the water, just like a gateway, is set on the edge of a deep and dark lake. An imaginary, mysterious and mythical entrance to the Underworld. The tower is mainly cladded with slabs of our grey granite Silver Cloud from the USA and thin granite strips from Nero Assoluto Zimbabwe. The surface of the slabs is treated with different processing techniques, from the roughest on the base (corteccia), to the smoothest on the top (satin). Such simple and austere composition seems to be hanging or fluctuating, thanks to the black cladding effect. The big slabs of grey granite, fragmented on the base, reunite at the top to form a homogeneous composition with a central passage. The set-up is brought out by an opposite bay and by glares on the water. The black sea bottom contributes to bestow a peculiar atmosphere of suspension and mystery.

Project: Arch. Vincenzo Latina

Realization: Nikolaus Bagnara S.p.A.